Importance of Exterior Maintenance

Regular exterior maintenance to painted surfaces is a must in Melbourne due to its harsh weather conditions. Neglecting exterior maintenance can end up costing more if exterior surfaces weather too far past their structural integrity and need to either be replaced or repaired.

Exterior paint serves a very important purpose which is to protect your timber windows, weatherboards, doors and render from weathering. Weathering is caused by our weather, a combination of high UV rays and rain minimises the lifecycle of exterior paints. When an exterior coating has ended its lifecycle it’s known to have ‘failed’ thus no longer protecting our external surfaces. If left untreated our external surfaces can then begin to weather un-protected, leading to rot, delimitation and structural instability. We provide weatherboard repairs in melbourne.

Important aspects to remember when painting and maintaining exterior surfaces is that North and West faces will weather quicker than East and South faces, thus needing almost twice the maintenance. Looking at re-painting external surfaces every 5-7 years will save you unexpected costs in the long run by protecting your external substrates and eliminating the risk of the coating system ‘failing’, choosing neutral colours will in-turn extend the life of a coating system.

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