Marmorino or Marmorino polished plaster is a lime based interior and exterior classic marble product enabling the decorator to obtain elegant decorative finishes that are reminiscent of age old plaster present in Venetian buildings. Marmorino polished plaster is applied with at least two coats using a stainless steel trowel, achieving a marble effect. Marmorino Melbourne polished plaster can be finished with a light sheen or be highly polished to reflect the sheen of marble. Absorbing oxygen and humidity, Marmorino and other lime based products have been proven to absorb carbon monoxide and other toxins within a living or work environment.

Areas of application / material properties

Marmorino polished plaster is an interior and exterior finish that can be applied to plasterboard, cement sheet, solid walls, brickwork, render and polystyrene. It has excellent breathability and strengthens with age. Marmorino plaster can be polished to reflect the sheen of marble or slightly burnished to have a subtle sheen.


Colours from Dulux available.

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