Colour Ideas

Colour selection can make a big difference to the finished appearance of a home. Interior designers are exploring a developing colour schemes that seem a bit risky to begin with as they aren’t in spec with traditional colour selection procedures. However, the finished appearance certainly surprises even the most experienced painters in Melbourne.

History of colour schemes

Traditional colour schemes dating back 20+ years comprised of white ceilings and very off white walls (usually an apricot colour). The woodwork would generally be painted white or have a stain applied to it. These colour schemes tended to make a room feel very small and dated.

Moving forward, colour schemes changed to more luxurious and uniform designs with use of soft off white tones carried throughout the entire home. Designers opted to go for the same colour to the ceiling, walls and wood work creating seamless lines and quite a nice flow as you navigated the home.

Looking forward even further and we have begun to use industrial tones when thinking about colour schemes. Designers these days are using grey and cool off white tones that fit within the living space based on the character of the home. Feature walls are also making a come back but not as we use to know them. Subtle colour changes that fit within the colour scheme are chosen to make an impression that ‘yes this is a feature wall’ but not too over powering.

Modern day colour schemes

Modern day designers and painters in Melbourne seem to be moving back to creating seamless lines with their colour selections in the Victorian/modern eira homes with use of neutral colours. In addition designers tend to use venetian plaster in Melbourne as feature walls, creating a stunning appearance. for our range of venetian plaster feature walls click here

Older style Victorian homes and Californian bungalows can look quite stunning when designers think outside the box. Non-traditional colour schemes seen in these homes comprise of off white ceilings and walls and pure white woodwork or neutral ceilings and walls and white woodwork. The aim of this colour scheme is to really make the doors and windows pop and ultimately create a clear entrance point for natural light.


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