Interior House Painters Melbourne

A new paint job can make a dramatic difference to the look and feel of your home, almost like hitting a refresh button. Our experience in interior house painting in Melbourne is second to none, we have completed hundreds of projects around Melbourne and regional areas. We are the best premium interior house painters in Melbourne.

We make an effort to understand exactly what our clients need done whether it be just to refresh the main areas of a home or to go for a right through re-paint. At the end of the day our clients need to feel that we care for their requirements and ensure that we have covered all areas of work.

We take great care in protecting floor surfaces and furniture prior to even opening a can of paint. All floor surfaces are covered with clean drop sheets and furniture, bench tops, kitchen and bathroom cupboards are covered or wrapped in a plastic film. This not only ensures protection but also eliminates dust from sanding and repair works getting onto your furniture and carpets.

At the end of each project we dispose of plastic sheets, fold our drop sheets and give your home a thorough vacuum so as to remove any trace that painters have been in your home.

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