Travetino Pitted Plaster

Travetino Pitted Plaster, also known as Roman plaster or Tuscan plaster is an interior and exterior wall coating with a high level of elegance that enables obtaining a decorative porous streaked finish reminiscent of travertine marble. When applied, Travetino Pitted Plaster Melbourne achieves a substantial thickness which is able to resist aggressive action of atmospheric agents and has a high level of water vapour permeability.

Travetino Pitted Plaster’s essential elements are its course marble grains, enabling the product to achieve a higher build to typical lime based products. For this reason it is able to resist the elements and the wear of time as it can still be easily found in most rural towns and villages in historical buildings all over Italy. Travetino Pitted Plaster permits crystallisation of the marble grains and paint pigments to create refined streaked effects that aren’t achievable with other lime based products.

Areas of application / material properties

Travetino Pitted Plaster is an interior and exterior finish that can be applied to plasterboard, cement sheet, solid walls, brickwork, render and polystyrene. It has excellent breathability and strengthens with age. Travetino Pitted Plaster can be finished in many ways with either a block work, scratched or rough/porous finish to reflect the characteristics of travertine.


Colours from Dulux available.

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